DVD Profiler#

DVD Profiler is a collection management tool for handling video disc (DVD, Blu-ray, HD-DVD) collections.

I’ve used DVD Profiler for years. I originally selected DVD Profiler when I was still using Windows Media Center and was considering using “My Movies” integrated with WMC - “My Movies” has an export option for DVD Profiler.

I still use it to track my collection for insurance purposes and because it allows you to easily post your movie collection online (here’s mine) so you can check it and avoid buying duplicates.

The reporting capabilities are pretty good and very customizable. The movie metadata database is also very tightly controlled and curated so metadata that shows up in your database is very clean.

While I use Music Collector from Collectorz.com for managing my music collection, I still think I’d go with DVD Profiler for video collection management even today. The only downside I see is that if you buy a digital-only movie, there’s still no easy way to add this to your collection. The challenge with supporting this, apparently, revolves around figuring out how to uniquely identify movies.