DiskStation Manager#

The Synology DiskStation Manager, or “DSM,” is the administrative interface for Synology NAS products. For example, when working with my Synology DS1010+, this is the interface I use to install and configure various packages.

Remote Shutdown#

I have multiple UPS units, but when I only had one, I wanted to tie my Windows Home Server to the UPS and have it trigger other servers to shut down when the UPS went into a critical battery mode. I researched how to do remote shutdown on the Synology so I could potentially implement it, but I never did because I ended up adding a second UPS and tied one server to each. I have since deprecated my Windows Home Server.

If I set up SSH on the machine along with public key authentication, I can use SSH to remote shutdown the Diskstation:

ssh root@diskstation poweroff

Basic Commands#

There are some basic commands for managing the Synology Diskstation via command line.

Note that you have to enable command-line access through SSH. Here’s some info on setting up secure key authentication with SSH on the Diskstation. I’ll want to make sure I’ve got the latest DSM installed before doing this. (Don’t go beta, though, betas seem to break stuff.)