Netflix is the ubiquitous content provider we all know and love. We’ve been Netflix subscribers for a long time.

We used to subscribe to the streaming and disc program, but after we had our daughter we found we didn’t have as much time to watch longer movies; and we usually wanted something in a specific genre that (of course) wasn’t the disc we had. Discs would sit longer and longer until finally it wasn’t worth paying the extra for them because I wasn’t watching them. We now just subscribe to the streaming content.

Netflix alone doesn’t seem to be enough from a content standpoint, though I wish it was. Particularly when it comes to TV content, they are usually at least a full season behind, if not more. The movie selection is pretty good, though there are still a lot of things (mostly new stuff) that you can only get on disc.

Between Amazon Prime Video and Netflix, I’d go with Netflix; but the two complement each other well, which is why we have both.