As part of my plan to cut cable I added a four-tuner Tablo OTA DVR to the system.


The Tablo is pretty small, about the size of a paperback book.


With four tuners, I can record four things at the same time, or watch something and record three others, etc. I went for the four-tuner model rather than the two-tuner model because there are definitely a couple of shows we watch/record that run at the same time. I also wanted the ability to watch TV on a couple of different TVs while something was recording and that wouldn’t have been possible without a couple of tuners.


Storage on the Tablo is done by plugging in an external USB hard drive. I bought my Tablo on special where a 1.5TB drive was included and that’s been working well. It’s plenty of space, even recording things at the highest resolution.


I’ve been able to very easily watch multiple streams at the same time. No hiccups, very nice. I was worried that it would start to stutter or buffer with multiple streams transcoding to different devices simultaneously, but it’s been very smooth.

Comparison to Other DVRs#

I did the comparison to other DVR products (cost, services) as part of the plan to cut cable.