Amazon Prime#

We have been Amazon Prime subscribers for several years and it just keeps getting better. We originally subscribed for the shipping, particularly for baby products, but as they’ve added features like Amazon Prime Video and Amazon Prime Music it’s only become that much more valuable.

At this point we primarily use the Amazon Prime Video via one of our front-end devices since the Prime Music client isn’t as widely supported.

With the HBO licensing deal Amazon captured in 2014 Amazon has turned into a great source of programming. The movie selection is improving (yet not awesome); but the TV content is pretty slick. And since they have started doing original program, I see it as only getting better.

One of the challenges we’ve found with Prime is that only the primary subscriber in an “Amazon Household” actually has access to the free video content. In this respect, it behaves much more like Netflix - the “family single-user account” - than Amazon, where I’m more used to everyone having their own account. It means if one person is the Netflix account holder and a different one is the Amazon Prime account holder, you have multiple people signing on to the front-end device even if everyone is in the same household.

This is even more painful when you consider all Amazon apps are fairly integrated - if I sign in with my account in my browser to buy something and then decide I want to watch a video, I have to sign out with my account and sign in with my wife’s account. It’s pretty painful. You don’t run into that with Netflix since there aren’t several services under one umbrella and there’s no need to have each user with their own account.

The other challenge I’ve had with Prime Video is the navigation interface in the apps. If you’re on the web, that’s one thing, but through other devices it’s really hard to find something to watch. The recommendations (“you liked this show, so try this”) that you take for granted in Netflix aren’t there. Until very recently (2015) TV shows were listed as one title for each individual season rather than as a single title with multiple seasons. Really, unless you already know what you want to watch, it’s hard to find stuff.