Illig Media Center#

I love my media. Love it. Movies, TV shows, music… it’s amazing.

I’ve amassed quite a collection, and I want to be able to enjoy it without a lot of hassle. I thought about it and came up with some general requirements for what I want in a media center, then put the plan in motion.

My current system works like this:

It looks like this:


That, of course, is pretty high-level. You can dive into individual areas to read about the more detailed sections of the system. (If you want more on the diagram, check out the network page.)

I started out blogging this information, but as time goes on, the blog entry updates upon updates get confusing… so I switched to documentation on ReadTheDocs.

Please read the disclaimer. You may find things in here that appear “wrong” or that don’t work for you. I’ve addressed that in my over-arching, all-encompassing disclaimer.

And now…