In August 2017, after months of instability from my Roku Ultra, I gave up on it and switched to an NVIDIA Shield TV.


I chose that for a couple of reasons:

  • Google Home integration: Getting into home automation we went with Google Home but we wanted something more robust for the front end than a Chromecast. This answers that question.

  • Top-end 4K support: At the time we picked, this was one of the few devices that was getting 4K HDR support for all the services offering it.

  • Tired of fighting: I usually try to balance price, performance, UX, features… and come to a middle ground. After my Roku Ultra experience I was tired of fighting for perf and decided to just throw money at the problem.

One of the downsides is that we use (and love) our SideClick remote and when we picked the NVIDIA Shield TV we found SideClick didn’t have an adapter clip for it yet. I ended up creating a 3D printed custom adapter and sharing it on Thingiverse.