DVDFab HD Decrypter#

DVDFab HD Decrypter is a great free tool for ripping DVD and Blu-ray content. It can do a lot of stuff if you opt in to the paid version, including movie conversion like Handbrake.

I used this for a while when I was still ripping VIDEO_TS format. This wasn’t sustainable as I moved to more Blu-ray movies, so I stopped using it.

MakeMKV is great at grabbing individual MKV files based on disc titles, but DVDFab HD Decrypter is sometimes easier to use when it comes to complex copy protection and more one-click operation.

Fixing Folder Structure#

When DVDFab HD Decrypter rips a folder, it leaves a crazy two-level-deep folder structure. Here’s a batch file to fix that.

@echo off
if .%1. == .. goto :help
pushd %1
pushd FullDisc
for /d %%s in (*) do pushd %%s
for /d %%s in (*) do move "%%s" ..\..\
for %%s in (*) do move "%%s" ..\..\
rmdir /s /q FullDisc
goto :eof

echo This script fixes up DVDFab rip folder structures.
echo fixmovie [moviefolder]
goto :eof