Ripping Software#

Ripping software takes original media (discs) and converts it into something digital that can then be further processed as needed by conversion software.

When you rip your original media, sometimes you have a disc that has, say, the “theatrical release” as well as an “extended” or “unrated” release. It’s helpful to know the differences so you can see which is which (since you don’t get menus). The ‘Movie Censorship’ site is a great place to tell you exactly - second for second, frame for frame - the differences between one movie cut and another.

Some Blu-ray discs have an odd sort of copy protection on them that shows you literally hundreds of nearly identical titles. Blu-ray disc movies are sometimes made up of “playlists” that play one movie segment after another. These nearly identical titles are different playlists that are showing the movie out of order. Only one of them actually plays the movie in the right order.

To make it worse, different versions of the disc - say, the one sold at Amazon vs. the one sold at Target - will have different fake titles and the correct one will be different.

Be prepared to read a lot of forum posts when you run into this. It’s a solvable thing, it just takes time.

Software I use for ripping content: